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No matter where you are—a riot or picnic, look for the comfortable place to plant your butt and most likely there’s where you’ll encounter Taurus.  Despite any wild energy that looms through the air, there’s the eye of the storm—lounging about with their big ole cow eyes, classic clean looks, sturdy physique, and earthy style.  There’s comfort in their energy. Yes, Taurus has got a solid, firm way about them, and no matter if they’re preppy or punk, they look destined to be a soccer mom/dad. Taurus people take their look very seriously, and they dress with real flair. Their clothes are always stylish, rather classical, of fine quality and good taste, and meant to last a long time. 

You can expect many May people to actually resemble a bull, the men that is, and the women born under the Sun sign will have an intangible, elusive bovine quality about them. The look in the female Taureans eyes will be serene and limpid, yet steady. She will move gracefully, indolently, but with a suggestion of hidden strength. As for the males, the neck will often be thick or muscular, the shoulders, chest or back, or all three, broad and strong. The entire body will be well proportioned, whether short or tall. The ears are usually small and close to the head. When they eat, they chew slowly, and ordinarily have excellent digestions. You may notice a lock of hair, or a curl that hangs in the center of the forehead. Not all, but many Taureans have curly or wavy hair. Taurus people often have a harmonious face, quite thick features with full sensual lips. The face is usually square or oval with a prevailing middle part, and the nose is round-shaped or turned up. It’s usually dark, like the eyes and skin. Even the occasional blonde, light-eyed and fair-skinned Taurus people will never suggest fragility of mind or character.  

Naturally, you can’t expect every Taurean to look like Ferdinand the bull.  It’s true that they frequently have large, generous bodies, ranging from muscular to plump to fat. But if you get that image too set in your mind, you won’t recognize the skinny ones, and it’s important to learn to spot them, too. Taurus women have a solid, confident sensual air about them. You’d be foolish to assume their quiet, reserved demeanor means they’re anything less than spicy. You know a Taurus woman is a goddess, just watch the way she walks.

Key Features:

  • Big cow eyes that exude innocence
  • A strong and/or long neck
  • A earthy, casual sense of style 
  • A pleasant speaking voice
  • A calm and ground energy about them
  • Either an unshaven look or a full beard (Taurus Male)
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