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April 2014: Horrorscopes for thefreshzine

Holy shit.


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Current transit-Moon in Libra 
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Air Signs 
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Sagittarian jimi Hendrix 
Throughout his adult life, Jimi Hendrix maintained that he was not from this planet at all. He was ‘a visitor’… from Jupiter, or from an asteroid off the coast of Mars, or the astral planes, which he claimed he had visited as a boy. The point was, Jimi was just passing through.
Wherever he came from, when he touched down on planet earth Hendrix arrived with a horoscope that was a perfect fit for a cosmic voyager. Jimi was born when the Sun was in Sagittarius, the sign of the traveller and visionary. Sagittarius doesn’t like to be fenced in, physically or mentally; the Centaur gallops far and aims its arrows high.
The sense of space, the ‘big picture’, informs the work of many Sagittarian artists; the thunderous joys of Beethoven (Sun and Moon in Sagittarius), the dark jungles of  Joseph Conrad (Sun) or the sci-fi excursions of Stephen Spielberg (Sun and Mercury). Jim Morrison (Sun) was another Sag who wanted to ‘break on through to the other side’. Jimi was no exception. His songs are full of arcing skies, majestic oceans, distant planets and alien landscapes, images Jimi conjured up not just through words but with an astonishing array of soaring guitars and cutting edge sonic effects. No artist in rock ever travelled further, or with greater genius.
In Jimi’s horoscope the sign of Sagittarius is super strong, containing not just the Sun (the self) but Mercury (mind/dexterity), Venus (romance and style) and the all-important Ascendant (one’s destination) (1). This configuration describes a born artist, where nothing and nobody were ever going to hold him down. Jimi left home at the earliest opportunity and rarely looked back on a quest that Jimi’s biographer Harry Shapiro describes as ‘a firm belief he had a divine message to impart, that it was his duty to bring a vision of love and healing to the world’.
The Sagittarian desire for freedom is only half the story. Like Gemini and Pisces, Sagittarius is a ‘dual’ sign, with two contrasting sides. One half of the Centaur is human philosopher, head in the clouds, the other is lusty horse, feet on the ground – this sign is both beauty and beast, as fellow Sag Little Richard (in whose band Jimi played) illustrates. (2)
Jimi’s freedom fixation was not altogether to his benefit. Artistically it let him roam, but personally he could have used a calming influence.  Instead, with Uranus, the ‘lightning strikes’ planet, opposite Venus, his relations with women were always likely to be screwed-up – he was drawn to crazy women, ‘electric ladies’ as he called them.
To go with the influence of fiery Sagittarius, Jimi had several planets in water signs, signifying a powerfully intuitive and emotional side. There are no planets in the pragmatic earth signs – Jimi was notoriously impractical – and little in intellectual air signs. He was a creature of fire and water.
The oceanic sign of Cancer contains Jimi’s Moon (emotional life) and Jupiter (sense of hope), and Hendrix, who was born by the Pacific, wrote songs that were haunted by water: by rain, waterfalls, and above all the power and mystery of the ocean. In ‘Are You Experienced’ he promises us we’ll ‘watch the sun rise from the bottom of the sea’. In ‘Angel’ he sings of ‘the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea’, and in ‘1983 (A Merman I Shall Be)’, he delivers an apocalyptic vision of a shattered planet where humanity retreats to the ocean depths and ‘Atlantis full of cheer’. Like the best science fiction, it’s a metaphor, allowing Jimi to evoke the primal waters of ocean and womb, a subject to which he would return on ‘Belly Button Blues’.
With his Moon/Jupiter duo sunk in the secretive eighth house of his horoscope, Jimi’s relationships were always likely to be difficult to decipher, his emotions hidden. Though he demanded independence for himself, he became wildly jealous if anyone abandoned him, a trait reflected by Mars (lust for life) in another water sign, Scorpio. The red planet Mars and its sign Scorpio have always represented the military, so it’s no surprise that Jimi served in the army as a paratrooper. He even came to fame wearing military uniform (an old English army jacket). Jimi never lost sympathy for the common soldier out in Vietnam where his music was popular among the ‘grunts’ (cf Apocalypse Now).
In another role, sexually (lusty Mars is ‘the hard man’) the red planet in its own sign gave Jimi natural flamboyance. Ever the sexual conqueror, on stage Jimi left no phallic nuance unexplored, stroking, thrusting and going down on his guitars.
Tying together these assorted configurations in Jimi’s birth chart is Neptune, the planet of mysticism, escape, drugs and drink. Jimi was hardly alone in being swept away in a drug-induced miasma, but his sense of spirituality was unusually strong. He often described mystic episodes from his boyhood, and identified with the red indian blood in his veins (even though he was only 1/16th Cherokee) that he felt brought him a shaman’s vision.
Predictably enough, Jimi himself was a devotee of astrology – at his 1970 concert in Hawaii he even invited the audience to divide according to their Sun signs. Listening to his cosmic voyages – to ‘as far away as Jupiter’s sulphur mines’, or to where mountains are chopped down ‘with the edge of my hand’ – one becomes aware of the multi-dimensional realm daily inhabited by Hendrix, with his passion for acid, numerology and space travel.
Yet Jimi remained careless about his earthly life. His horoscope shows no reasons why September 1970 should have spelt out his death. It was a foolish, avoidable accident. But, like he told us, Jimi, the brother from another planet, was only ever passing through.
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Dark Side of the Signs


An innate ability to give authoritative military commands is the essence of your sign, but when others disobey you are puzzled and slightly hurt. You do know what’s best, after all. And if you yell loudly enough they will, eventually, understand. You cheerfully rearrange the furniture inside people’s heads and march away muttering ‘people to see, places to go’. Ultimately, you have no secret strategies, but this doesn’t matter because you are plugged into the national grid and in the end, everyone else is far too exhausted to murmur ‘no’.


’Slowly but surely wins the race’ is what you say. It is your life philosophy. And the thing is, nobody will ever persuade you to do things differently. Because you are so stubborn, so fixed, so earthy you are like some kind of stubborn, fixed, earthy thing. Or a rock face. Annoyingly, you sometimes do win the race – accumulating wealth, property, and status as you plod along. You see, yes, you were right. The story of the tortoise and the hare was right. Or the ant (good) and the stupid, improvident grasshopper (ridiculous)…..In the end it’s all about prudence isn’t it..Smug? Indeed. But comfy and cosy. Oh yes.


You possess the fascinating, charismatic allure of the sociopath. Perhaps it’s the breath-taking lies you tell, the spin you put on everything, or the dizzying speed of your mental processes. People are charmed, disappointed, charmed, infuriated….they can’t pin you down can they? They stumble about in the random thought generator which is your mind, lost and confused. And so are you. And you know, deep inside, that there is more than one of you in there. It’s a Jekyll and Hyde kind of thing. Sometimes there’s a supporting cast as well. Great. You do so need someone to talk to.


As the Moon (your ruling planet) waxes and wanes in the night sky you are subject to mood swings of astonishing, ancient complexity. To ease this you hold on tightly to everything in your immediate vicinity – people, memories, receipts, half-eaten packets of crisps. You never, ever let go. Nobody understands you. You move sideways across the beach, zig-zagging towards your goals and hiding in rock pools. Sometimes you make a lot of money. But you never tell anyone. Or if you do you will probably have to kill them eventually.


There you are – radiant, playful, and such a little sunbeam. What’s not to like? The claws, mainly. You like to keep these sheathed, but you can’t help yourself sometimes. Someone tells you that you look tired. Or dares to disagree with you. Clearly, they do not know who you are. The fools! After this point it’s like one of those wild-life documentaries. It gets bloody. But you are quite deliciously lazy and easily distracted by flattery and shopping, so you soon forget that part. Until the next time. You need staff really. Or a minder. Because sometimes your victims retaliate.


You are blessed to have incarnated in modern times. Without antiseptics and antibiotics and waxing how would you get through the day? Nobody seems to grasp the dangers of infection and dirt in quite the way you do. You are not afraid to tell them either, because you enjoy giving constructive criticism, as you like to call it. Yours, after all, is the sign of service to others. But how ever helpful you are, it never seems to be enough. Chaos and filth reign and your work is never done. Karma can be very cruel.


Balancing the scales of your psyche is your life’s task. To this end you constantly say things like ‘ on the one hand, on the other hand’ – applying this modus operandi to everything – relationships, outfits, holiday plans, menus. But you are cunning. Machiavellian even. Because underneath you know exactly what you want, and how to get it. Your ruthless charm bathes others in a sweet, warm glow and they fail to notice what you’re up to until it’s way too late. Still, death by chocolate – it could be worse.


Dark side? Bah humbug. You are a smouldering gothic creature and proud of it. If you are in denial about this you are in big trouble. Being awake for a thousand years gives you the edge over everybody else. Nobody nurses a grudge like you do, because you know revenge is a dish best served icy cold. Your poisonous sting is fatal, but lack of self-acceptance means you will use it on yourself one day and then the sky will darken, the mirror will crack, and your bones will turn to dust in a heartbeat.. To avoid this you probably require a lot of sex, money, and a shrink.


Symbolised by the mythic centaur, you are half-human, half-horse. You are fine in a large paddock, but react badly to life in a stable. You kick, you rear, and you tell everybody they are fat, useless, and you hate them. When you tell the truth it is unvarnished and largely unpalatable. It is, of course, the truth. But sometimes honesty is not the best policy. As a hybrid being, you are prone to extreme reactions – sunk in existential angst one moment, galloping off across the plains the next. You are redeemed by philosophy and jokes.


Another symbolic hybrid, you are half goat, half fish. Eh? No wonder you are so focussed on nailing everything down. And you never give up. You run corporations, you direct your own movies, you live your dream. So why are you so lugubrious? The answer is simple. Half of you climbs the mountain. The other half messes around, making surreal jokes and partying hard in expensive locations. You are not good at conflict resolution -you are not a Libran. It’s depressing. Luckily you tend to live for a long time and might get it right eventually.


Lovely, impartial, humanitarian you. There you are with your amazing ideas, your cutting edge philosophy, your wise objectivity….you are the future. But wait. It’s not all eco-friendly in there is it? Somewhere in your head is a laboratory, a space station or the world wide web. Your interest in others can be a tad chilly when it comes down to one-on-one. You encourage them, they respond, you feel claustrophohic. Intimacy? Just say no. Floundering about in the swamps of the human heart slows you down. And seriously, you do have worlds to conquer.


It is said you contain within yourself the personality traits of all the other signs of the zodiac. You are the shape-shifter, the walker between the worlds, the one who swims to the ocean’s depths in search of poetry, wine, and the secrets of the universe. This is why you are so confused and prone to shooting yourself in the foot. At your best, after many incarnations, you learn to confuse others by casting spells and morphing into whatever they want you to be. You are a hall of mirrors with no exit sign. Embracing quantum theory may help. Or it may not.

-Jane Lyle
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Medusa Myth
Medusa started out as a temple Virgin. She was beautiful, charming and admired for her glorious, long, glossy hair. Poseidon, overcome by lust, ravished her in the temple. Pallas Athena was not amused so she cursed Medusa for defiling her sacred grounds. Out of jealousy or maybe just to prove she was one of the boys, Pallas turned Medusa into the hideous serpent headed gorgon with the petrifying stare she is famous for. Brave Perseus succeeded in decapitating her and returned her head to Pallas Athena for use as a powerful shield in battle, the Aegis. Medusa became even more powerful after her death (see Diana), together with her rival Pallas Athena she became invincible. Maybe there is a message here, when former adversaries are united they become stronger. Algol is also definitely a star of transformation, as Jamie found in it’s connection with the genome project. The blinking binary star goes from light to dark in cycles, like Persephone. So she is another resurrection Goddess and like Persephone she was also raped by a God…
The serpents in Medusa’s hair connect her to the Ophiuchus constellation (the snake charmer) also known as the medicine man. I wrote that “Medicine comes from the same root as Medusa, the name of the sorceress Medea also comes from this root. The blood from Medusa’s left side was poisonous and the right side was used to heal.”
So the paradox again, if you dabble in shamanism it can kill you or enlighten you. Medusa’s blood also gave birth to Pegasus, where lies another story about hubris. Both the Lilith star and the Lilith constellation of Ophuichus have the darkest reputation within the fixed stars. And both feature…serpents. What is it about serpents?

With Ophuichus the serpent is about linking sexuality to enlightenment, and that seems to worry Christianity. With Algol it is more about taking that wisdom and becoming your own god. Now science is the worry. Nowhere is this Medusa hubris more evident than in the medical profession, where we have doctors playing god with genetics.
The head of Medusa from Greek mythology is represented in astrology by the infamous Algol fixed star at 26 degrees Taurus. Part of constellation Perseus, Algol was regarded by the ancients as the most evil star in the heavens, but is its reputation warranted? If it was truly so malevolent then we would find it common in serial killers. We just don’t find it there, though it is present in some dictators. But it is true that Algol has a connection with death and pain. The medical term Algology means the study of pain.
“You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror, or brush it aside… The Algol placement on a chart insists upon a confrontation and assimilation of these harsh aspects of human experience in this lifetime.….Algol, like other stars, confers tasks upon us which, if comprehended and accepted, offer great rewards of power and creativity. These stellar challenges are not to be feared, but understood and used in a positive manner.” Diana Rosenberg [1].
Algol is situated in the constellation Perseus, where this hero is depicted slaying the gorgon Medusa’s head off. Algol is positioned in the forehead of Medusa. I like to think of it as her third eye. The ancients mistrusted it’s blinking and inexplicable 8 hour disappearances. But it turns out it is a binary star, eclipsing itself every 3 days. Mysterious indeed and only adds to its allure. The poor star appears to die, but then it is reborn. Medusa’s deathly look is inspired by the appearance of a corpse. The skin dries and tightens over the bones of the face making its eyes huge, wide and starey.

Medusa ~ Nikita Kaun
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There’s as many atoms in a single molecule of your DNA as there are stars in the typical galaxy. We are, each of us, a little universe.
-Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (Ep 2: Some of the Things that Molecules Do)

(Source: ckerouac, via thebohemianmuse)

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